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Can I File for Asylum Based on My Gender?

The primary purpose of asylum is to provide shelter to those who face prosecution in their native country because of their political opinion, religion, nationality, or race. Persecution may include ...
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What is the Convention Against Torture?

What is the Convention Against Torture? The Convention Against Torture is an international treaty aimed at protecting cruel and inhuman treatment. It is similar to asylum, with key differences. It is ...
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Bolstering Asylum

The process of gaining asylum as an immigrant can be a complicated one. Asylum exists to serve those who are seeking refuge in the United States for varying reasons, which render them impossible to ...
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How do I apply for Asylum?

What is Asylum? Asylum, commonly (but mistakenly) referred to as "political asylum" is based on the 1951 United Nations Refugee Convention. In short, the process protects you from returning ...
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