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Refuge and Asylum

Asylum and refuge provide protection for those who have a well-founded fear of persecution in their country of origin. Many people refer to asylum as "political asylum" although asylum is not solely granted for political reasons. Generally, asylum is granted when you are currently in the United States and certain time restrictions apply. Being a refugee, however, is generally granted when you are outside the United States, either by applying at certain United States Embassies or through the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR).

To apply for asylum while inside the United States, contact an experienced Orange County asylum attorney. The process requires proof of your well-founded fear and an attorney can guide you through this complex process. Once granted, asylees are given permission to work and may apply for a green card.

Eligibility for Asylum

To be eligible for asylum, you must prove that 1) you are unable to return to your country of origin because you have a well-founded fear of either past or future persecution; and that 2) your persecution is on account of your race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or your political opinion. These five grounds can be further broken down into sub-groups, such as sexual orientation, gender, and other minority groups.

What is Persecution?

There is no single definition for persecution, but individuals who fear torture, rape, imprisonment, death, marginalization--among many other situations--are considered acts of persecution if they are committed based on the five grounds discussed earlier. Discuss your case with an experienced Irvine immigration attorney.

Who may apply?

Any person inside the United States, regardless of legal status, may apply for asylum so long as the request is timely. Have more questions about obtaining asylum status? Contact the Law Office of Ashkan Yekrangi, P.C. today or visit the Asylum FAQ page.