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PERM Labor Certification

PERM labor certification is a process whereby employers obtain permanent residency for their employees. Often times, their employees are in nonimmigrant visa categories such as H-1b or L-1, among others. PERM certification allows an employer to make these nonimmigrant employees into permanent employees. In other words, PERM certification results in the employee obtaining permanent residency, also known as the green card. This is beneficial both to the employee and the employer, and is generally viewed as a "win-win" scenario.

How does one initiate PERM certification?

Many times, employees wish to initiate the PERM certification process because they are eager to get their green cards. However, it is important to note that the PERM certification process must be initiated by the employer, not the employee, and ultimately, it will be the employer that petitions for the employee. This process cannot start without the consent and active cooperation of the employer.

Although the employee receives a substantial benefit from the PERM certification process, it is the employer who is the beneficiary of the application and the client of the employment immigration attorney.

The first step in initiating the process is by consulting with an experience orange county immigration attorney. During this consultation, the goals of the employee and employer are discussed. After an agreement has been reached, the immigration law firm will begin the complex process of PERM certification.

This requires filing prevailing wage requests with the department of labor, cooperating with the employer's human resources department in the recruitment process, and ultimately, filing all the necessary documents and petitions for a successful PERM certification.

What employees are eligible for PERM certification?

Any employee in valid immigration status, who has permission to work, also known as work authorization, is eligible. The most common examples are individuals on h-1b visas, although many other visa categories with work authorization are eligible.

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PERM certification is an extremely complex and timely process. There are several agencies involved, including the department of labor and the united states citizenship and immigration service (USCIS). A skilled orange county immigration lawyer will seamlessly guide an employer through the PERM process.

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