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What Is an E-2 Visa?

What Is an E-2 Visa?

The E-2 Visa is for nonimmigrants from countries that maintain a treaty of commerce and navigation with the United States. Under an E-2 Visa, an individual investing a substantial amount of capital in the U.S. can be admitted into the country. Certain organizations and specific employees might qualify for this classification as well. To request a change of status, you should refer to the U.S. Department of State website for application information.

Qualifications for Treaty Investors

In order to qualify for E-2 classification, a treaty investor must:

  • Come from a country that maintains a treaty of commerce and navigation with the U.S.
  • Have invested, or is in the process of investing, a substantial amount of money to a U.S. enterprise
  • Seek to enter the country for the development and direction of the investment enterprise
  • Prove the investment funds weren’t obtained through criminal activity

A substantial amount of capital is generally defined as:

  • Investment amounts similar or equal to the total cost of purchasing or establishing a new enterprise
  • Investment amounts that ensure the treaty investor’s financial commitment to the enterprise

An enterprise refers to a real, active and operating commercial or entrepreneurial venture. The enterprise also has to meet the legal requirements for doing business within its jurisdiction.

Do Marginal Enterprises Qualify?

Marginal enterprises do not have the capacity to generate enough income for the treaty investor’s minimal living expenses. In order to qualify for an E-2 Visa, the treaty investor’s enterprise cannot be marginal. In some cases, a new enterprise might not be considered marginal, even if it lacks the current capacity to generate minimal income for the investor. Speak with an attorney to see whether or not your investment enterprise meets the criteria for E-2 classification.

There are many hurdles you might face when applying for your visa. However, our immigration lawyer can help you through these legal obstacles. As an immigrant himself, Ashkan understands such difficulties, and can help with your legal concerns.

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