E-2 Visa - Citizenship and Investing - Ever Think About Grenada?

U.S. E2 visa through Grenadian citizenship – a promising option for wealthy investors

Applying for U.S. citizenship in China, El Salvador, Guatemala and India can be a long and arduous process. With the current presidential administration looking to dismantle both L1 and H1B visas, the chances to be approved for citizenship are looking even slimmer. For wealthy foreign investors and business owners, citizenship in the Caribbean island of Grenada can help fast-track U.S. E2 applications. The E2 visa category is a non-immigrant visa reserved for those from treaty countries. If you are not from a treaty country, you can be by obtaining citizenship through Grenada. Grenadian business owners who have part of their business in the U.S. -OR- are employing U.S. citizen / residents can apply for the US E2 visa. Once approved, the E2 visa can be extended indefinitely until the business is no longer active in the U.S.

The minimum cost for the Grenada Citizenship by Investment program is US$200,000. However, some investors are successfully approved for the E2 visa after investing closer to the tens of thousands – a much smaller amount, though still unworkably high for many.

Grenada is on the E2 Treaty Investor list, but is not an E1 Treaty Trader. Nationals from countries that are not on the E2 Treaty Investor list sometimes consider the option of Grenada citizenship in order to avoid taxes required of green card holders.

Grenada Citizenship: Requirements

  • Incorporate a company in the U.S., register with the IRS, and operate an office with a phone number and website, manage a bank account with a significant amount of funds.
  • Invest a minimum US$200,000 as a foreign investor.
  • Speak basic English
  • Demonstrate managerial or executive experience, or have a business plan that includes establishing a company in the U.S. or making a franchise purchase.
  • Meet other standard requirements for Grenadian citizenship.

Typically applicants for Grenadian citizenship are approved within 12 weeks of investment.

Here’s what to do after approved for citizenship in Grenada:

  • Submit application for US E2 visa for yourself and your family.
  • Some reports note that at, US E2 visas for Grenadian citizens can be issued as quickly as 8 weeks after application.
  • After arriving in the U.S. on E2 visa:
    • Your partner / spouse can submit an Employment Authorization Document to work within the country.
    • Children can attend U.S. schools, receive in-state tuition rates, travel freely between their country of origin and the U.S.
If you would like to enjoy the benefits of an E2 visa without having to pay the imposed taxes that are placed on permanent residents, perhaps this is the option for you.

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