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Transgender Immigration Lawyer Protecting Your Interests in Immigration Issues

Transgender Immigration Lawyer

Advocating for Inclusive and Informed Legal Solutions

The team at Yekrangi & Associates’ LGBTQ-owned immigration law firm proudly stands as allies and advocates for the transgender community. Our commitment goes beyond legal representation to creating a safe and affirming space for transgender individuals undergoing the immigration process. 

With a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by transgender immigrants, the immigration lawyers at Yekrangi & Associates are dedicated to providing comprehensive legal solutions that recognize the distinct needs of the transgender community.

Why Choose Yekrangi & Associates?

As an LGBTQ-owned law firm, we recognize the nuanced issues that often arise in transgender immigration cases. Our legal team has extensive experience handling a diverse range of transgender immigration matters, including asylum cases, family-based immigration, and individual legal challenges unique to the transgender community.

We Understand the Challenges Specific to Transgender Immigration

Transgender individuals often face unique challenges in the immigration process, and our firm is well-equipped to navigate these complexities. One significant aspect involves asylum cases, where exceptions may be crucial. For instance, asylum claims may be based on changed circumstances in a transgender individual's home country, highlighting evolving conditions that necessitate legal recognition. Additionally, we understand the importance of considering extraordinary circumstances that may have led to a transgender individual's flight from their home country, such as extreme violence or persecution based on gender identity.

We Provide Compassionate and Inclusive Advocacy

Our commitment to inclusive and informed legal solutions is rooted in compassionate advocacy. We understand that transgender immigrants may have experienced trauma and discrimination, and we approach each case with empathy and sensitivity. At Yekrangi & Associates, we prioritize creating an environment where clients feel heard, understood, and supported throughout their immigration journey.

We Address the Unique Circumstances of Asylum Cases for Transgender Individuals

Asylum cases are particularly critical for transgender individuals fleeing persecution in their home countries. The exceptional circumstances surrounding transgender asylum cases require a legal team with a deep understanding of the evolving landscape of LGBTQ+ rights globally. Our attorneys are adept at navigating the intricate details of asylum claims, recognizing the unique challenges faced by transgender individuals and employing a strategic approach to ensure a successful outcome.

We Present Compelling Evidence of Changing Circumstances and Extraordinary Circumstances

In transgender asylum cases, many applicants seek asylum more than one year after entering the United States.  Asylum laws generally require that individual file for asylum within one year of entering.  However, certain exceptions do exist that specifically relate to transgender people, and choosing an attorney familiar with these exceptions is extremely important. For example, explaining that the delay in filing for asylum was due to prior trauma, or due to changes or circumstances associated with gender transition may be sufficient grounds to overcome the one year rule.   

Whether facing severe violence, discriminatory laws, or pervasive societal prejudice, we strive to build compelling cases that align with asylum laws and protect the rights of transgender individuals.

Examples of Changing Circumstances

  • Legal Reforms — We may present evidence of legal reforms or changes in legislation in the individual's home country that directly impact the rights and safety of transgender individuals. For example, if a country has recently criminalized or increased penalties for being transgender, we highlight these changes to underscore the escalating risks.
  • Social Attitudes — Documenting shifts in societal attitudes is essential. We gather data on evolving perceptions of gender identity, public sentiment, and any emerging movements advocating for LGBTQ+ rights or, conversely, fostering discrimination. This helps paint a vivid picture of the changing situation for transgender individuals.
  • Government Responses — Changes in how government entities respond to discrimination or violence against transgender individuals have a significant impact. We may present evidence of increased or decreased protections, law enforcement responses, or government initiatives that affect the safety of transgender individuals in their home country.

Examples of Extraordinary Circumstances

  • Prior Trauma — If a transgender individual has been a victim of severe violence, we document and present evidence of these incidents. This may include medical records, police reports, or affidavits from witnesses attesting to the brutality faced by the individual due to their gender identity. Psychological reports can be extremely important in documenting trauma. 
  • Discriminatory Laws — Extraordinary circumstances may involve presenting evidence of discriminatory laws specifically targeting transgender individuals. This could include laws criminalizing gender identity, restricting access to essential services, or denying basic human rights based on gender identity.
  • Pervasive Societal Prejudice — Societal prejudice, if pervasive and systemic, can also be considered an extraordinary circumstance. We may present evidence of public policies, social practices, or cultural norms that perpetuate discrimination against transgender individuals, creating an environment where seeking asylum becomes a compelling necessity.
  • Personal Testimonies — In building a comprehensive case, personal testimonies play an important role. Statements from the transgender individual and those who can attest to the challenges they face due to their gender identity contribute to presenting the extraordinary circumstances compelling their need for asylum.

Our commitment to the rights and well-being of transgender individuals is evident in our meticulous research and presentation of evidence. We understand the importance of these factors in establishing the validity of an asylum claim and work diligently to build compelling cases that align with asylum laws.

Contact Yekrangi & Associates Today

If you are a transgender individual facing immigration challenges, Yekrangi & Associates is here to help. Our LGBTQ-owned law firm is committed to advocating for the rights and well-being of the transgender community throughout the immigration process. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and explore how we can handle the complexities of the transgender immigration process together. Let Yekrangi & Associates be your ally on the path to securing a safe and happy future in the United States.

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    "They were very professional and helpful during my journey of becoming an American."
    I am so graceful and highly recommend Mr. Yekrangi to anyone who needs a legal advice.
    - Jose L.
    "Atty. Ashkan is a great, reputable and very professional lawyer."
    Atty. Ashkan is a great, reputable and very professional lawyer. He handled my case and my husband case without any doubt.
    - Linda R.
    "Ashkan Yekrangi is the best immigration lawyer"
    Ashkan Yekrangi is the best immigration lawyer who helped me and my family in all critical situations with his great advice.
    - Zahra H.
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    First and foremost, I wanted to thank Ashkan and his team. They made the process of going through the immigration process as easy and stressful as possible.
    - Billy W.
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