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In the United States of America, a card granting the holder lawful permanent residence is often referred to as a "green card" (technically known as the I-551) because it gives that individual the "green light" to stay in the country and to pursue naturalization and citizenship if they desire, as well as because the first versions of these cards were mostly green in color. At Yekrangi & Associates, our immigration attorneys want to be a part of this momentous step on your journey to fulfilling your American dream. Your immigration story is important to us. If you have a complex matter involving green cards, do not hesitate to reach out to a green card lawyer in Irvine!

Contact Yekrangi & Associates online or call (949) 478-4963 to schedule a consultation. Our green card lawyers serve Orange County and are ready to help! Se habla Español. Services also available in Farsi.

When Are Green Cards Issued?

Green cards are issued after an adjustment of status if inside the United States or through a US Embassy if you reside outside of the United States. The most common way individuals receive green cards or permanent residency is through marriage, or other family members, followed by an employment-based petition, the granting of asylum, or an EB-5 investor "visa".

Marriage-based green cards are generally no different than employment-based green cards, although marriage-based green cards are conditional for two years. At two years, the beneficiary of the conditional green card must file to lift the conditions of their green card.

Who Can Apply for a Green Card?

Not everyone is eligible for a green card. You may qualify to pursue permanent residency if you fall under one of several specific categories. For example, if you have an immediate family member who is a U.S. citizen or permanent resident and he or she will sponsor you, then you are eligible for a green card.

With certain limitations and restrictions, "immediate family members" include:

  • Husbands and wives
  • Fiancés and fiancées
  • Children, including adopted children
  • Mothers and fathers
  • Stepmothers and stepfathers

Relatives who are not "immediate" may still sponsor you in many situations, but these cases will not receive the same level of priority treatment as applications for immediate family members.

About Employment Based Green Cards

You can also pursue a green card through employment-based immigration. Every year, the United States government allows 140,000 green cards to be issued to foreign nationals who desire to work in this country. Usually, you must have the sponsorship of an employer or prospective employer in the United States in order to successfully apply for a green card on an employment basis.

Other opportunities for obtaining a green card include but are not limited to:

  • Winning the ethnic diversity visa lottery
  • Qualifying for refuge/asylum based on persecution in your native country
  • Demonstrating long-time residency in the United States
  • Receiving amnesty because of certain criteria

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Our Irvine green card attorneys can help you achieve your immigration goals. Unlike other firms, we ensure that our clients receive one-on-one services directly from Attorney Ashkan Yekrangi. With a commitment to the best interests of our clients and to immediate, accessible communication, Yekrangi & Associates is the firm you want on your side if you are pursuing a lawful permanent residency in Orange County, California. We provide one-on-one legal counsel that few firms can offer.

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