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How to apply for a Fiance Visa
How to apply for a Fiance Visa

Who can apply for a Fiancé Visa? A United States Citizen can apply for a fiancé visa for a foreigner he intends to marry. What are the requirements of a fiancé visa? To be eligible to apply for a fiancé visa, you must: Be a United States Citizen; and Met your fiancé in ...

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Blog posts in November, 2017

  • What is Entry Without Inspection (EWI)?

    What is Entry Without Inspection (EWI)? Entry without inspection means that you entered the United States without being inspected by an immigration or ...

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  • What Is Immigration Misrepresentation and When Do I Need a Waiver?

    If a person is found committing fraud or willfully misrepresenting in connection with a visa or green card application, they may be deemed ...

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  • Can I File for Asylum Based on My Gender?

    The primary purpose of asylum is to provide shelter to those who face prosecution in their native country because of their political opinion, ...

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  • What You Need to Know About the New 90-Day Rule Regarding Misrepresentation

    In August, the Department of State revised its Foreign Affairs Manual (FAM) guidance on how officers should make determinations of inadmissibility. A ...

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  • Temporary Protected Status Can Lead to Status Adjustment, Ramirez v. Brown

    The 9 th United States Circuit Court of Appeals has maintained that temporary protected status ( TPS ) actually constitutes as a form of “inspection ...

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  • Who is an "Immediate Relative" under Immigration Law?

    Who is an Immediate Relative under Immigration Law? Under the Immigration and Nationality Act an immediate relative is defined as a: Spouse of a U.S. ...

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  • How to win Bond in Immigration Court

    What is Bond? Bond is the federal immigration equivalent to bail, as commonly seen in criminal proceedings. Unlike criminal proceedings, Courts have ...

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  • What is the Convention Against Torture?

    What is the Convention Against Torture? The Convention Against Torture is an international treaty aimed at protecting cruel and inhuman treatment. It ...

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  • Getting a Green Card through Adjustment of Status

    What is Adjustment of Status? Not everyone is eligible for adjustment of status . Adjustment of status is the process where you request a green card ...

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