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Will One Crime Prevent My Naturalization? The Petty Offense Exception
Will One Crime Prevent My Naturalization? The Petty Offense Exception

To be eligible for naturalization, an applicant must establish that he or she is of "good moral character" ("GMC"). There are many things that the Immigration and Nationality Act identifies as bars or barriers to demonstrating GMC. Examples include: One or More Crimes ...

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Blog posts in Criminal & Immigration

  • What Crimes Can Lead to Deportation?

    If you are currently in the United States with a visa or green card , you could face deportation if you get in trouble with the law. Even a minor ...

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  • Inadmissibility Due to 212(a)(2)(c)(i): Alleged Drug Trafficking

    "Admissibility" is a legal requirement for foreign nationals to be admitted for entry into the United States. The US immigration laws have many ...

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  • How Pleading Guilty to Criminal Charges Can Affect You in Immigration Court

    If you are facing criminal charges as an immigrant in the United States, the outcome of your criminal case can severely impact your immigration ...

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  • How Does a Felony Affect Your Immigration Status?

    It is important to know that various things can affect your immigration status, such as a felony conviction. Immigration officials could deport you or ...

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  • I Was Convicted of a Crime – Am I Eligible for DACA?

    The answer to the above question isn’t a simple yes or no. It’ll heavily depend on what you were convicted of. Even then, if you were convicted of a ...

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  • Everything You Need to Know About Deportation

    Both documented and undocumented immigrants in the United States can be at risk of deportation. Being placed in removal proceedings can be a ...

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  • What Are My Rights When it Comes to Deportation?

    Whether documented or undocumented, many immigrants are unaware of their rights in the United States when it comes to deportation. When faced with ...

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  • Who is Eligible for an Immigration Waiver?

    Individuals who have violated particular immigration laws may be able to rectify their situation through an immigration waiver. However, the process ...

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  • 212(h) Waiver Application

    Waiver for Criminal Grounds of Inadmissibility What is a 212(h) waiver? 212(h) waivers are used for people who have criminal convictions and are ...

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