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212(h) Waiver Application
212(h) Waiver Application

Waiver for Criminal Grounds of Inadmissibility What is a 212(h) waiver? 212(h) waivers are used for people who have criminal convictions and are “inadmissible” to the United States. “Inadmissible” means an applicant is physically present in the United States, but he or she ...

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  • What is "Extreme Hardship" for Immigration Purposes?

    Because “extreme hardship” isn’t defined in the legal code, its meaning is interpreted based on the decisions made in Board and Federal courts. ...

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  • Travel Ban General Overview

    Late 2017, the Trump administration revised the visa process to make it easier to deport U.S. residents or deny entry to people visiting the U.S. The ...

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  • Twin problems: How Pending Criminal Charges and Non-Citizenship Status Present Removability Problems, But Also Opportunities

    It’s frightening enough being suspected, investigated for or having been arrested for a crime. It’s doubly frightening when you’re not a US citizen, ...

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  • What is a "Conviction" for Immigration Purposes?

    Immigration and criminal law intersect an incredible amount. Unfortunately the definitions for both areas of law are not always the same. This is ...

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  • Marijuana and Immigration

    On January 1, 2018, Proposition 64 allowed for the sale and taxation of recreational marijuana. The Control, Regulate and Tax Adult Use of Marijuana ...

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  • KNOW YOUR RIGHTS - What To Do if You are Stopped by ICE, Police, or the FBI

    We live in a turbulent time. The law is constantly changing and the immigrant community continuously receives conflicting information about what to do ...

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  • What is Cancellation of Removal?

    During deportation proceedings, a type of immigration relief for individuals is available, known as Cancellation of Removal. Here we will discuss two ...

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  • What is Alien Smuggling under US Immigration Law?

    Alien Smuggling defined The Immigration & Nationality Act (INA) states that an alien smuggler is someone who "at any time knowingly has encouraged, ...

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  • What is an Aggravated Felony Under Immigration Law?

    What is an Aggravated Felony Under Immigration Law? Under U.S. immigration law , an aggravated felony is a crime that carries a particularly tough ...

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