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  • L-2 Visas for Dependents of L-1 Visa Holders
    L-2 Visas for Dependents of L-1 Visa Holders

    If you are the spouse or an unmarried child below the age of 21 of an L-1 visa holder, you are considered a dependent. You may be eligible to enter the United States on an L-2 visa and have the same ...

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  • Changing from R-1 to EB-4
    Changing from R-1 to EB-4

    R-1 visas are issued to people who enter the U.S. temporarily to work as ministers or in another religious vocation. They need to be employed by non-profit religious organizations that meet certain ...

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  • EB-4 Visas
    EB-4 Visas

    There are several ways to get a green card and one of them is getting a green card through employment . If you are a special immigrant, then you may be eligible for the EB-4 visa, which is also known ...

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  • What is Dual Intent?
    What is Dual Intent?

    A person who wants to reside in the U.S. temporarily is called a nonimmigrant , which means he has no intent to become a permanent resident of the country. People who enter the U.S. on temporary visas ...

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  • Asylum Inside of the United States
    Asylum Inside of the United States

    People already in the US or at the border can seek asylum in the country if they meet the requirements of being a refugee. As per INA § 101(a)(42) , the term refugee means (A) any person who is ...

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  • Citizenship (N-400) Processing Time Increase
    Citizenship (N-400) Processing Time Increase

    The processing time for citizenship applications has been increasing and it has more than doubled since 2014. The average processing time used to be 5-6 months and it has now increased to nearly two ...

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