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Winning Asylum Based on Religion
Winning Asylum Based on Religion

What Is Asylum? The United Nations Convention Concerning the Status of Refugees lists five grounds for asylum: religion, race, nationality, political opinion, and membership in a particular social group. Therefore, religion is an explicitly protected asylum class under this ...

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  • Everything You Need to Know About Deportation

    Both documented and undocumented immigrants in the United States can be at risk of deportation. Being placed in removal proceedings can be a ...

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  • Winning Asylum Based on Domestic Violence

    What Is Asylum? The United Nations Convention Concerning the Status of Refugees , a treaty of which the United States is a signatory, lists five ...

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  • What Are My Rights When it Comes to Deportation?

    Whether documented or undocumented, many immigrants are unaware of their rights in the United States when it comes to deportation. When faced with ...

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  • LGBT Asylum

    What is LGBT asylum? Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Transgender (“LGBT”) populations face severe discrimination in many areas of the world for their ...

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  • How Do I Apply For And Win Asylum?

    Many people yearn to move to the United States with the hopes of beginning a new life and pursuing personal and professional dreams. However, there is ...

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  • Will President Trump Close the Border?

    In October of 2018, President Trump had threatened to close the southern border if Mexico did not halt the caravan that was headed towards the United ...

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  • How Do I Win a Deportation Case?

    Many immigrants, whether documented or undocumented, may be under the assumption that if the U.S. government wants to deport someone, there isn’t ...

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  • Asylum Inside of the United States

    People already in the US or at the border can seek asylum in the country if they meet the requirements of being a refugee. As per INA § 101(a)(42) , ...

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  • Asylum: The One-Year Application Rule and the Exceptions

    Have you arrived in the United States within the last year and not applied for asylum? If you have not applied for asylum yet, please note that the ...

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