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What is the Difference Between "Unlawful Presence" and Being "Out of Status"?
What is the Difference Between "Unlawful Presence" and Being "Out of Status"?

In common terms, "unlawful presence" generally means that a person has entered the United States illegally and remains here illegally. By contrast, "out-of-status" generally means that a person entered the United States legally, but has remained illegally after the ...

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Blog posts in Green Card

  • Divorce Before Your Green Card Interview

    Among other requirements, marriage-based green card applicants must submit to what is called a "marriage interview." Further, if the marriage at issue ...

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  • How Can I Keep My Priority Date of a Previously Approved Form I-140?

    Priority dates are important for all green card applicants. Basically, one can imagine a "priority date" as an applicant's "place in line" or "place ...

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  • How Do I File a BIA Appeal for a Denied I-130? Or Should I Just Refile the I-130?

    If your I-130 visa application is denied or rejected by US Citizenship and Immigration Services ("USCIS"), you have two options — you can appeal the ...

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  • What Types of Questions Does USCIS Ask at a Marriage-Based Interview?

    When an applicant seeks to obtain a green card based on being married to a US citizen, the US Citizenship and Immigration Service ("USCIS") conducts ...

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  • How Long Can You Stay in the U.S. After Your Green Card Expires?

    Since most people don’t use their green card on a daily basis, it can be easy for an expired card to go unnoticed. If your green card is about to ...

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  • Green Card Applicants: What is the Visa Bulletin and How do I Read it?

    The Visa Bulletin is a monthly online publication published by the U.S. State Department. See here . The Visa Bulletin provides a monthly update on ...

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  • Can I get a green card if I am on ESTA?

    ESTA stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorization and is a visa waiver program for eligible individuals from certain countries . When someone ...

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  • Can I get a visa or green card if I am a victim of domestic violence?

    The answer is yes. You are eligible to receive a nonimmigrant visa, as well as legal permanent residency in the United States if you are a victim of ...

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  • DACA to Green Card

    I have DACA. How do I get a green card? DACA has been a tale of heartache and hope over the past four years as the courts decided whether it remain ...

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