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What is the Difference Between Deportable vs. Inadmissible in Immigration Law?
What is the Difference Between Deportable vs. Inadmissible in Immigration Law?

Within United States immigration law, two distinct concepts are often referred to. Inadmissibility and deportability both play a role in whether someone can remain in the United States lawfully. In general, the legal terms "deportable" and "inadmissible" apply to noncitizens ...

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Blog posts in Deportation

  • ICE Wants to Deport Me: Is It Too Late to Marry a U.S. Citizen?

    Non-citizens constantly fear being detained by ICE and being deported. If you currently face deportation, but you’ve been in a romantic relationship ...

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  • Can a Green Card Holder Be Deported for Receiving Public Benefits?

    Since 1999, immigration officers have adopted the guiding principle that a public charge is someone “primarily dependent on the government for ...

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  • How Soon After an Immigration Arrest Is a Person Deported?

    If you or your loved one was recently detained by ICE, you might be wondering how long the deportation process will take. The timing of a person’s ...

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  • Can a Marijuana Conviction Lead to Deportation? What About Marijuana Use?

    Yes, a criminal conviction for possession of or trafficking in (sales) of marijuana can have serious negative effects on an immigrant's ability to ...

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  • How Do I Know If I Have a Deportation Order?

    If you’ve received an immigration document, you might be wondering if you are at risk of being deported. To help you determine the meaning of notice ...

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  • How Does a Felony Affect Your Immigration Status?

    It is important to know that various things can affect your immigration status, such as a felony conviction. Immigration officials could deport you or ...

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  • What Are the Consequences of Re-Entering the U.S. After Getting Deported?

    Illegally re-entering the United States after having been denied admission, excluded, or been deported can result in serious penalties. Our Orange ...

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  • How Do I Get My Family Member Out Of Immigration Detention?

    If your family member has been detained by ICE, it can be difficult to get information on their whereabouts, and it can be even more challenging to ...

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  • What Is the "Public Charge" Rule?

    In 1882, Congress established the public charge concept to deny a U.S. visa to anyone who is "likely at any time to become a public charge." Under the ...

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