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What’s the Difference Between Nonimmigrant and Immigrant Visas?
What’s the Difference Between Nonimmigrant and Immigrant Visas?

There are two types of visas — nonimmigrant and immigrant. While both give foreign nationals a chance to visit the United States, the type of visa that an individual applies for depends solely on the purpose of their travel. Here’s how each type of visa works. Immigrant Visa ...

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  • Adjustment of Status Under Section 245(i)

    Green Card through the LIFE Act What is adjustment of status? The process of applying for legal permanent residency, also known as a “ green card ,” ...

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  • Application for Advance Permission to Enter as a Nonimmigrant

    I-192 Waiver Application for Advance Permission to Enter as a Nonimmigrant What is an I-192 waiver? An “inadmissible” nonimmigrant alien may apply for ...

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  • How Do I Get A Green Card Through Work?

    Obtaining a green card is an important step in helping immigrants achieve legal, permanent resident status in the United States. An employment-based ...

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  • The U.S. Immigration System: What You Need to Know

    The U.S. immigration system is complex — leaving many immigrants confused about their rights under immigration law. Individuals who want to take their ...

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  • How Do I Apply For And Win Asylum?

    Many people yearn to move to the United States with the hopes of beginning a new life and pursuing personal and professional dreams. However, there is ...

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  • Follow to Join Benefits for Spouse and Children

    What is "Follow to Join" benefits? This is a fairly complicated subject, but we have created a comprehensive questionnaire to see if your family can ...

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  • Bringing Children, Sons and Daughters to the US as Permanent Residents

    If you are a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident, you may petition your children or your sons and/or daughters for permanent resident status. So, ...

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  • Prudential Revocation of Visas

    Persons arrested for or convicted of driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated or having similar arrests/convictions within the past ...

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  • Immigration and Its Impact on the Economy

    During the presidential election campaign, Donald Trump made several promises , including restructuring the immigration process to limit the number of ...

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