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  • Stay of Removal
    Stay of Removal

    If you are a non-citizen and are presently facing deportation or have just been ordered deported, you may want to postpone your physical removal while you attempt to get your case reopened or ...

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  • Proposed
    Proposed "Public Charge Rule"

    The Trump administration has notoriously targeted immigrants. The proposed Public Charge Rule is no exception. First, it is important that everyone understand the popular misconception of immigrants ...

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  • Difference Between
    Difference Between "Executive" and "Manager" Under L-1A: Nonimmigrant Visa

    The L1A visa is granted to executives and managers of multinational companies. People prefer this visa because it is possible to apply for green card while possessing this visa, as long as your ...

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  • What is
    What is "Extreme Hardship" for Immigration Purposes?

    Because “extreme hardship” isn’t defined in the legal code, its meaning is interpreted based on the decisions made in Board and Federal courts. Relevant factors When determining whether deportation ...

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  • Adjust Status (Green Card Application): L1B Visa
    Adjust Status (Green Card Application): L1B Visa

    The L1B visa is offered to people with “specialized skills and knowledge.” This is defined as any knowledge of the petitioning company’s products, services, research, equipment, techniques, ...

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  • Adjust Status (Green Card Application): L1A Visa
    Adjust Status (Green Card Application): L1A Visa

    L1A visas are granted to foreign executives and managers who work at U.S. based offices of a multinational company. It is possible to obtain a green card to stay in the U.S. permanently while ...

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