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Twin problems: How Pending Criminal Charges and Non-Citizenship Status Present Removability Problems, But Also Opportunities

It’s frightening enough being suspected, investigated for or having been arrested for a crime.

It’s doubly frightening when you’re not a US citizen, especially in a climate of intolerance, fear and xenophobia as a consequence of current political realities.

Avoiding Jail Won’t Cut It

It’s simply not enough to avoid jail time through the standard “plea bargaining” process. A whole host of crimes, everything from driving under the influence to domestic violence and beyond, can make you deportable the instant you utter the magic words “no contest” or “guilty”.

Getting a top-notch immigration lawyer to give you a second opinion about the potential outcome of your criminal case

Immigration Attorney Ashkan Yekrangi has the experience, skill and knowledge to advise you or your attorney whether or not it’s a good idea to enter a plea to a particular crime. Having an experienced immigration lawyer like Ashkan give you the rundown on the consequences of entering a plea to a particular criminal offense can mean the difference between staying in the United States or getting deported.

Hiring Experienced Criminal Defense Counsel alongside Immigration Defense Counsel can make the difference between safety and jail & deportation

Attorney Joe Coimbra not only has a solid decade of criminal defense experience (also using the vast resources of his office to help match the unlimited resources of the government) but also comes from an immigration law background. This gives him the unique immigration approach you need in the criminal law courts. This, combined with Attorney Ashkan Yekrangi’s immense immigration knowledge and counsel, Can be the winning combo that makes the difference, helping you stay here at home (United States) safe from not only many years in prison but also the deportation that can follow a poorly handled criminal case.

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